Old folk at lunch

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A traditional Sunday Lunch

Paul & Susan very kindly put on a roast pork lunch for me today.

The pork was well-cooked and there was even some crackling.  Plus gravy, plus fresh apple sauce etc.  And with rhubarb crumble to follow, who could ask for more?

Paul and I talked a little about family matters but not much.  I think Paul has had enough of that lately.

Over dessert I offered  something of a history lesson about England -- which Paul is of course much interested in.  I talked about how they used to entertain themselves in English country houses in the 19th century before the advent of computers and TV etc.  Susan knew something of that because she had read Jane Austen novels etc.

Matthew was a constant generator of noise and movement and even little Elise had a shout or two for a while.  But my history lesson survived all that.

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon.

When one is invited to a dinner or some other social occasion, it is of course customary to bring along something by way of appreciation -- flowers, a bottle of wine or something for desert etc.

In  19th century country houses, the pattern was however slightly different.  One might bring along the latest novel from Mr Disraeli or some other favoured author and would be ready to do some sort of entertainment for the house,  some sort of an entertaining performance, a new game etc.

So whilst discussing such things I also exemplified them.  History lessons are not everyone's cup of tea but  Paul and Susan were very interested in my topic so I was rather 19th century in my way of expressing my appreciation of the occasion.

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