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Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year

I had a very quiet New Year's eve -- which is rather how I like it. With all the drunks on the road, it seems best to stay home. Anne was minding her grandson so that her son and his wife could have the night out and I stayed at home and blogged. A blogger's work is never done, of course.

New years day was different, however. Anne came over and made us a slap-up brunch consisting of bacon, eggs, tomato, mushrooms and haloumi cheese. And she brought a loaf of very good fresh bread with her as well to have instead of toast. With real butter it made a very nice change. I do use margarine sometimes but I prefer all my food to be "real". I avoid anything that says it is "light" or "low" etc.

Later on in the morning, I got the Humber out and we took a thermos down to Wynnum to have a cup of tea by the water. On the way back, however, one tyre blew out so I had to change it despite the fact that I had never even checked to see if the Humber had the tools needed. Fortunately it did and I was able to work out how to do the change despite a few Humber peculiarities. Being an old guy helps as I have changed tyres on many different cars over the years and so know most of the variations on how a car is jacked up etc. Anne was rather surprised to see me prising a little green circle out of the bodywork, though.

At night Anne cooked up a dinner of roast pork which also went down very well -- helped by some good Australian champagne. We won't mention the crackling, though. For dessert we had rhubarb and yoghurt -- combining two of my favourite foods.

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