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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bagels and Lox

Anne recently spent three weeks on a vacation in the USA. She spent a week of it in NYC -- mainly visiting the art galleries and making one trip to the Met -- to see Turandot, I think.

Before she left, I told her she must try some Reuben sandwiches. I am a great fan of them but they are virtually unknown in Australia. I very foolishly however forgot to tell her to try bagels and lox ("lox" is the Yiddish form of the German "Lachs", meaning salmon -- smoked salmon in this case). Bagels and Lox is of course a great Jewish treat and where else would you try it if not in NYC?

So Anne missed out on a gastronomic experience, something she does not at all like doing. I therefore had to make up something here for her. I have got Reuben sandwiches pretty right. The key, as always, is good ingredients. So Anne tracked down some bagels she liked and I made up the bagels with lox and THICK soft Philly cream cheese for our evening meal tonight. It was of course wonderful but VERY fattening. Anne was amazed when I told her that some Jewish ladies have bagels and lox as simply a snack rather than as a main meal.

The bagels I have had in the USA always had salt on top but that is unknown here so we had bagels with Poppy seeds on top.

You see what an uneventful life I have when I think a sandwich is worth writing about! Uneventful is how I like it.

I also forgot to tell Anne about the soup Nazi but I don't plan to emulate him.

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