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Friday, January 11, 2008

The attractiveness of simplicity

I recently bought myself a fairly average new sound system -- consisting of the usual stereo speakers, AM/FM tuner, cassette deck, and multi-disk CD player. It cost me $300 and works very well.

Today I also bought myself a radio, with mono sound and one small speaker. I also paid $300 for it. Why? Am I crazy? Maybe I am. But I bought it because of what it did NOT have. I am sick and tired of sound and video systems that come with a remote control with about 50 buttons on it -- buttons that I never seem to be able to work without consulting a manual.

My Kloss Model One (Pic above. Kloss is its designer), on the other hand is blessedly simple: One knob for tuning, one knob for volume and another knob for on/off and band choice -- very much like the radios I used as a boy many years ago. Only three blessed knobs -- that I can work immediately, perfectly and easily almost without thinking about it.

A bit odd that you have to pay a lot for less these days but it is worth it to me. And it does have remarkably good sound. It is now my kitchen radio.

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