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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ethan is out of his humidicrib!

I have not mentioned this before as I find it all a bit upsetting -- even though it affects me only very indirectly.

Anne's grandson Ethan was recently born prematurely at 1.7 kg -- about half full-term weight. In these days of very insightful care, however, that is a fairly good weight for a premmie and no long-term ill-effects can reasonably be expected.

And it is indeed going well. He has continued to gain weight and he has progressed first out of intensive care and now out of his humidicrib. Everybody involved is of course overjoyed. I suppose I am a sentimental old fool but even I shed a tear of joy over it.

Mid-March Update: Ethan has done well and was 2.5kg at his due delivery date -- which compares well with a normal delivery weight of around 3kg. His brother is small so 2.5 kg is probably right for him.

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