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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A birthday

A first birthday celebration today for Saharah, daughter of Suz and Russell. Photos below by Paul's Susan, definitely the best-looking photographer in Brisbane. She takes good photos too. I even don't look too bad in the one immediately below! And that takes some doing. The next photo is of the proud parents with the babe.

The do was held in a Forest Park near where Paul lives. Given the very variable weather at the moment, we were fortunate to have a big open-sided shed to shelter us. But being among all the trees was very pleasant.

There was a big turnout for the occasion and Tracy's Simon even brought the family dog! Very English. Von couldn't come of course, after having had a C-section, just a couple of days ago.

In my usual way, I spent most of the time talking secret men's business with Paul and Joe. I gave them a good run-down on just what IQ is and what the evidence about it shows. I talked a bit to Joe about how best to get by in academe but as usual he had it all pretty well figured out anyway.

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