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Friday, July 12, 2013

Another dinner!

Joe arrived back in Brisbane today so I organized a small impromptu "Welcome Home" dinner for him on my ever-useful verandah.  We got takeaway Indian food as usual and washed it down with some of my champagne reserve.  Joe didn't say a lot but he was obviously pleased to be back.  Like me he is on the taciturn side.  But he did update me on how his Ph.D. studies are going.  He is now thinking of taking a Master's first.

Vonnie took a lively part in the conversation, which is surprising when she was such a silent little girl.  When she was about 10 or so, I used to take Von on short outings which we both enjoyed but not a word would pass between us for the whole time.  We understood one-another and it just didn't seem necessary, somehow.  But we were talking about old times and the kids tonight, which are favourite topics for her.

After dinner we retired to my sitting room for tea and coffee.  Hannah and Matthew then discovered the joys of running around in circles in the corridors of my "Old Queenslander" house and it was good to hear the thunder of little feet again.  There was plenty of happy squealing too.

Jenny made our tea and coffee as Anne is out of action at the moment.  She has a surgical prodedure on her knees tomorrow morning.

Simon made himself very useful. I told him last week that there was no jack in the Toyota Starlet and suggested that he chase one up while he was driving it.  He did.  He found the missing jack in its own special compartment inside the Starlet!  Apparently, no-one had ever opened the compartment concerned!

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