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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A lunch for Anne

Anne has been unable to get about much for a couple of months so had not seen baby Elise.  Now that Anne is walking again, however, Susan and Paul put on a lunch at their place so that Anne could finally see the baby.

Susan put on Reuben sandwiches plus a very rich trifle to follow. Paul of course ate enough trifle for two people and got a bad stomachache shortly thereafter.  We weren't very sympathetic.

We mostly talked about politics as Paul was very jubilant over the advent of Mr Abbott.  We even drank a toast to Mr Abbott.  Abbott has not yet had time to do much since his election on 7th but his mere arrival has greatly perked up business confidence.  As a result, Paul's mining shares have risen appreciably in value and Paul's own business is making more sales.

I had to explain how the probable double-dissolution will work if the Greens block Abbott's agenda in the Senate.  Paul had not even heard of a "joint sitting".  It's disgraceful that you can get a High School education in a good Australian school and not be told  the basics of how Australian democracy works.  But that's modern education for you.

I also explained that the "bad" result in Queensland on 7th was really just a case of the other States catching up with Queensland.  The ALP was already down to a "hard core" in Qld even BEFORE 7th., so even the gain of one seat was an achievement.

Anne brought along a present for the baby in the form of a set of Russian dolls all hidden inside one another.  Susan was fascinated by it and immediately took it apart.  Paul liked it too.

Eating Susan's mighty trifle. She used brownies instead of sponge cake -- which made the trifle delicious but very heavy. Paul was caught out by its unexpected richness and even I felt a little heavy in the tummy that night. I had no supper that night. I was too full.

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