Sunday, February 15, 2015

The end of an era?

The era concerned is quite trivial in the great scheme of things but since I participated in it daily for a while, I thought I might note it

Woolworths and Coles have been having a price war on milk and bread but that seems to have ended.  So for a while I had my breakfast with the help of a one litre carton of long-life milk which cost me only 95c per carton.

Now, however the 95c "own brand" milk no longer appears on the shelves at Woolworths.  And, curiously, there is only one brand of real milk available -- Devondale at $1.39 per carton.  All the other milk is high or low on something -- or with or without something. What Devondale did to earn exclusivity evokes suspicion -- sacrifice their firstborn or some such, I imagine.

There still is a cheap option, however.  Devondale offer a 2 litre carton of real milk for $2.  Joe and I have decided we will buy that one.

Below is the now lost 95c carton.

UPDATE: It's back!  But for how long?

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