Sunday, July 19, 2015

A socially active week

I have recently had another birthday, taking me further into my eighth decade.  So various kind people have contributed to a celebration of that fact.  

On Wedneday Anne came over to my place bearing Sydney rock oysters and other good things and made me one of my favourite meals: Lamb cutlets with plenty of fried onions.  We watched operetta after dinner.

On Saturday, Suz hosted a small lunchtime celebration for family members only.  There are 3 of us with July birthdays so it was a joint celebration.  Nanna, Joe, Anne and Jenny were there, as was Suz and family. Suz fed us all some nice home-made pies. I gather that Suz cooks a lot from scratch and cooks fairly traditional meals.  I eat a lot of traditional Australian food these days too so the pies suited me.  And Suz gave us a Pavlova for dessert -- another great Australian favourite.  

The kids were amusing when eating their food. Dusty was a real boy and shoved in his food by hook or by crook and ended up with a fair bit of it on his face.  Sahara, by contrast, ate like a little lady and took twice as long as Dusty.  So Suz has got a very boyish boy and a very girly girl.  Excellent!

Then that night Anne rose to the occasion and cooked me some sausages and onions, another favourite of mine.  I enjoyed them as much as any meal -- and I have had some good meals.  Walking out into the kitchen to a smell of sausages and onions frying is living IMHO.  The food freaks would have a fit!

Today Jill cooked me a lunch of pasta with seafood as she usually does.  It was good, as ever.  Jill, Anne and Lewis were all in good voice so it was a very lively lunch.  We had rose wine to wash the food down, which was a bit of a blast from the past. 

I sang my favourite doxology as a form of "grace" to start the meal. That inspired enough memories in Jill for her to sing the "Sunday school is over" song.  We both have fond memories of our Protestant past.  The Protestants changed the world so we are pleased to "check our privilege" -- and enjoy it. Jill has in fact started going to church again.  She has found a Church of England congregation she likes.  Lewis of course accompanies her.  He doesn't go to shul any more but goes to church -- a man of exemplary patience.

Lewis was very vocal in the conservative political cause, as usual -- and we all agreed with him.  Lewis told us that he now has "My son the mister".  His son is a medico with all sorts of specializations and one of them bears the title "Mr".

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