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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Steak

For evening meals, I have been going a bit lately to a cafe called "Mr. Steak" -- located  opposite the PA hospital.  For a while I went there for breakfast too.  His big breakfast really deserved the name.  It did however have a discernible effect on my waistline so I no longer do that.

Anyway, Mr. Steak himself is, rather surprisingly, a very jolly Chinese man.  Yet he has no Chinese food on his menu.  It is all traditional Australian food.  But he sure knows how to cook it. He advertises himself as a former chef at a 5-star hotel so he has something to live up to. But he does.

His steakburgers are the best I have had.  The fat and gristle that one normally encounters in a steakburger are a bit of a bugbear to me but I don't get that to any extent from Mr. Steak.  He advertises that he uses quality steak and it seems he does.  It is minute steak he puts on his burgers -- cooked medium to medium rare.

And his pork sausages taste unusually good too.  He must use a secret sauce with lots of "umami" in it, I think.  And a lot of his customers are Chinese, even though he does not serve Chinese food!  There must be a lesson there somewhere.

I took Joe and Kate there a week ago for a very congenial dinner and they were favourably impressed with the food too.  The setting is humble but it is the food that counts.  And although I eat a lot of ethnic food, I still like my ethnic Australian food.

I even think his coffee is pretty good, though I am no coffee connoisseur.

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