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Friday, March 4, 2016

A birthday

My brother CER has just had a birthday so I decided to buy him a dinner in celebration. He and his wife came along to my favourite Japanese restarurant near where I live and a few others came along to help with the celebrating. Anne came, Joe came  plus Jenny and Nanna so there were seven of us all told.

The restaurant was unusually busy but I had booked in advance so I got my preferred table and the kitchen was well prepared so our dinners came out as promptly as usual

We talked a bit about The Donald, with both my brother and myself saying we hope he wins.  I had my old faithful plumber over during the day and he also was hoping for a Trump win.

We washed our dinners down with Fourex Gold and Barossa pearl, which my brother declared he liked.  It's considered an unprestigious drop but that did not deter him.  Anne and I are very keen on it.  It was one of the earliest Australian wines but it went out of production in 1983.  Owing to popular demand, however, it was brought back a couple of years ago

We had quite as few dishes from the menu with some of them shared but they were all, as usual, good.  To save me the trouble of mentioning them, below is the sales docket I got.

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