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Monday, July 4, 2016

The election

I had a good election even if Australia as a whole did not.  The night before I took Anne to a newly opened Guzman y Gomez Mexican restaurant near me at Buranda. I ordered a taco, a fajita, an Enchilada and a Burrito and they were as good as ones I have had in the Los Angeles area.  A bottle of Tyrrells Verdelho helped them to go down.  We drink a lot of that.

Then next morning I cooked pancakes.  I cheated of course. I bought a bottle of mix into which I just had to pour milk and shake.  I poured the result into a lightly greased Teflon pancake frypan and waited only a few minutes for the result to be lifted out.  They were fine.  We had them as an American  breakfast with genuine Canadian Maple syrup and shortcut bacon. I didn't make as many as I could have because I wanted to leave room for a sausage sizzle.  I am very keen on sausages and Australia has a lot of sausage sizzles as fundraisers.

So after breakfast we went and voted at the church hall of St. Philips Anglican at Buranda.  They have a large fine church hall there which they use for Highland dancing.

So, after voting, we went looking for the sausage sizzle and soon found it. Anne and I both had one.  I saw an old guy there whom I deduced would be the Rector, though he was dressed in Mufti.  So as I was leaving, I asked him if he was and he said he was.  I then asked him if he was high or low and he said medium.  A very Anglican reply!

Then that night Jenny very kindly put on a pork roast for a few of us so we could watch the votes coming in together on TV. I contributed another bottle of Tyrrells Verdelho. Jenny and Nanna were present plus Joe and Kate and Anne and I.  Jenny really did us proud.  As well as the roast she cooked spuds, sweet spuds, carrots, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and apple sauce. A real spread!  And most of all Jenny cooks good CRACKLING.  The cracking is of course the pinnacle treat of a pork roast.  Muslims will never experience it.  Dinner was for 7pm so a bit after 8pm we sat down to watch the broadcast from the tally room.  And everybody now knows the pesky result.

There was quite a bit of discussion as the results were coming in and I think all of us were looking out to see how some candidate or seat would go.  I remarked at one stage that I always vote for Pauline and I don't think I was the only one.  Everybody seemed very comfortable with that choice anyway, though Kate may not have been.  After several years of university brainwashing, she finds Joe's conservative family a bit of a shock at times, I think.  We even discussed global warming briefly at one stage.

Then next night I still had some pancake mix and bacon left over so  I made a big heap of pancakes for my supper that night.  Very easy cooking with a very tasty result.

I still have a bit of bacon left so I am looking forward to making myself a bacon butty tonight.  A bacon butty really needs nothing to go with it but I think I might try one with chutney.

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