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Monday, May 28, 2018

A birthday

Jenny had her 39th birthday on Sunday.  I shouted a lunch.  We went to the dosa joint for the lunch but they now do not open on Sunday. I should have booked.  But "The Little Green Room" next door was open so we went there. They had gluten-free so Jenny could go there.  It was run by a polite Indian man, possibly a Punjabi. I had an Indian version of fritters -- corn and zucchini fritters.  They were a bit dry for my taste but the various additives on the plate --  bacon, avocado etc  -- were good.

From their card you might get the impression that they sell coffee

I ordered fresh orange juice for a drink but got some mixed fruit drink with watermelon in it, I think.   I should have asked what it was as it was yummy.  When I get the wrong order I never send it back.  My thinking on the matter is that it's all food so just eat it up.  It's generally OK.

Joe had forgotten the occasion but Jenny got Kate on the phone to let them know where we were.  Joe was not answering his own phone as usual. They were not that far away so arrived well in time for us to order.  Nanna was in good form.

I showed everyone my miracle Chinese watch and I talked mostly to Joe -- about bitcoin and such things. The Green Room had a few interesting things on their menu and apparently have a significant breakfast trade -- as they open at 6am!  The prices were OK -- averaging $15 for a meal and $5 for a drink.

I normally have a hamburger dinner with Joe on Sunday night but after the lunch we were both feeling a bit full so on this occasion we just had at home a bowl of Streets Blue Ribbon each for our dinner.  For some unknown reason I tend not to have Street's Golden Gaytime in my freezer

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