Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's eve

The day started out well with a trip to the Gold Leaf.  I had  and one of their excellent chunky steak pies plus an egg and lettuce sandwich.

Next stop was at Annerley Vinnies for a look-around.  I found in their costume jewellery cabinet a necklace of the sort that Anne likes so I bought it for her.  It was mostly red and very crafty-looking.  I seem to be able to pick what she likes and she was rather taken with that one.  I used to buy costume jewellery for Jill around 30 years ago too and she would wear it so I think I got her taste as well.

Paul and family flew out for Scotland that evening but I had said my goodbyes the night before so did not go out to see him off.

Anne and I had canapes at around 6pm -- consisting of Liptauer on Sesame wheat biscuits.

Most people do something special for the night and our version of that arond 7pm was a roast dinner featuring meatloaf.  I am something of a meatloaf tragic so always stock up when Woolworths or Aldi release one. There is usually one or two in my freezer.  I cooked the meatloaf and Anne did the vegies.  It went down well. We had Rosemount Traminer Riesling to wash it all down, a slightly sweet wine.

Later that night we had a Christmas pudding which I had got from Aldi. It was pre-cooked so took only one minute in the microwave to prepare it!  Modern times! It claimed to be a prize-winning Australian pudding and it was excellent, very rich.  We washed it down with brandied custard.  A perfect dessert. Odd that the pudding didn't have a brand name.  It was made in the Hunter Valley if that helps.

Anne flaked out and went to bed at 10pm.  I intended to stay up for midnight but I too flaked out early, at about 11pm.  The fireworks woke me up at midnight but not for long.  It was another rainy day but cleared in time for the fireworks.  No worries about bushfires in Brisbane.

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