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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas concert

The end of year social activities are hotting up. Tonight we had the Xmas concert for our Westside Music Circle. I am pleased to say it included a lot of Bach. The quality of the performances was rather uneven but that it the risk you take with amateur activities.

The star of the evening was undoubtedly a brilliant Russian violinist named Attilla. Yes. I am not making that up. His first name really is Attilla. He actually looks Turkish rather than Russian so I was not surprised to see that he was born one of the Muslim countries of the old USSR. Even so, he clearly has come in contact with Christianity. He quoted John 3:16 with some feeling at one stage. He is quite a character.

His pianist was a very slim and very capable Chinese girl with the surname of Chan. There are a lot of Chans in Australia these days and I would not be surprised if there are more good pianists in Australia named Chan than there are good pianists named Jones. We have certainly had a lot of very capable Chinese pianists play for us at our group.

The supper afterwards was first class as usual and I made something of a glutton of myself as usual.

Anne and I drove to and from the concert in the Humber so that was part of the pleasure of the evening for me too. Cruising along to the quiet rumble of the Humber motor really pleases me for reasons which I cannot completely analyze. That it feels like a trip into the past is certainly one part of it.

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