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Sunday, December 2, 2007

A small dinner

We will be having a dinner at an Indian restaurant for quite a few people on the day of Joe's graduation (12th) but we also had a small dinner tonight just to celebrate the good marks Joe got in the final year of his B.Sc. He got seven 7s -- which is as good as you can get. He did quite a spread of mathematics subjects during his degree but he has now narrowed down his interests to partial differential equations.

The dinner was prepared and hosted by Jenny -- Joe's mother -- and the other people present were Joe, his girlfriend Sam, myself and Anne. Jenny did some very good steak with sauce bearnaise and I contributed a bottle of 2001 Grange.

I gave Joe a copy of the 1250 to 1918 Oxford Book of English Verse as a graduation present. They have obviously reprinted the 1918 edition due to popular demand as there have been two editions subsequent to the 1918 one. I was very pleased to be able to get a new copy of the famous edition -- though I did have to import it from England.

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