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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paul's birthday

Jenny put on a small birthday do for Paul tonight. Paul, Susan, Anne, myself and Nanna were in attendance -- plus a young bruiser named Matthew. Matthew is only 6 months or so old but is already amazingly big and solid. He'll have a footballer's physique when he grows up and is projected to be 6'3" tall. He is also happy natured and enjoys a good toe!

Jenny put on a feast with several main courses and the conversation really rattled along, with the recent electoral triumph of the conservatives in the State parliament a major topic. There was much speculation about what Campbell Newman would actually do now that he is in power. Just having him in charge will encourage business and thus create jobs.

We also talked about the Katter party and I pointed out that he is no Pauline Hanson in that he is very supportive to Aborigines.

I regaled the party with an unusual story: The story of the origin and evolution of the Oxford Book of English verse. You won't find it written down anywhere as I have put it together myself from the known facts. It is a surprisingly good story. I have got Paul enthused about poetry so I am going to get him a copy of the book if I can, though it will have to be secondhand at this stage. We talked a lot about poetry generally.

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