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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A small high tea

I hadn't had any "Devonshire" teas for a while so I got Anne to organize a high tea for me at 4pm today. We had pumpkin scones with jam and cream, tea out of a teapot kept warm in a tea cosy, cucumber sandwiches and jam doughnuts.

Anne's sister June came over and joined us so it was a congenial occasion with just the 3 of us. My 3-tier cakestand was deployed but not the silver tea strainers as Anne used teabags in the pot.

While Anne was making the tea, the electic jug blew the circuit breakers for some reason so Anne had to boil the water in a pot on the gas stove. So even a high tea can have its minor dramas.

We were pretty full after all the goodies so just had cheese sandwiches as supper later on. But it was Gouda cheese and Danish butter on the sandwiches!

I don't normally eat Gouda cheese. I normally stick to the good old Australian "Tasty". But a Gouda cheese (Vermeer) has just been voted the best cheese in the world at a big cheese expo so I thought I should look into it. It did make a very nice cheese sandwich.

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