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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home at last

I had my final procedure on 25th and my urologist, Dr. Boon Kua said it all went well. It must have as I now feel nearly back to normal -- no pain and just some minor residual symptoms which seem to be steadily diminishing. So I am optimistic for the near future. But I did go though three pretty grim weeks to get to that point. A couple of complications cropped after the initial procedure which left me in a fair bit of episodic pain and discomfort.

Anne and I celebrated tonight with an Indian takeaway from one of our usual suppliers of Indian food and it went down exceptionally well after hospital food. Not that the food was bad at the Wesley. It was just a bit Australian for someone who long ago converted to ethnic food. Though they did quite a reasonable Thai curry on a couple of occasions. And their bread rolls were always excellent. And quite good porridge for breakfast was also appreciated. I am stiill Australian when it comes to porridge.

Anne visited me fairly regularly while I was in hospital and Paul came up a couple of times too -- accompanied by Susan and Matthew. Matthew was undoubltedly the one who enjoyed himself most on both occasions. Exploring my motel-type room was great entertainment for a 9-month-old.

I have top private insurance so even the costs of a high class outfit like the Wesley were fully covered. I had to pay only admission fees and anaesthetists.

The mostly female staff were invariably pleasant and using my call button always elicited a prompt response. I was amused that even the Wesley had a contingent of Filipina nurses -- but they were perfectly competent and spoke reasonable English. Filipina nurses seem to pervade the world these days. Maids, wives and nurses seem to be the main exports of the Republic of the Philippines. But a good work environment at the Wesley means that they can pick the best ones.

The key to the Wesley is plenty of staff. So when I fronted up to the Emergency Dept. on three occasions, I did not have to wait 4 to 8 hours to be seen by anyone -- as I would have to wait at a public hospital. I in fact waited on all three occasions about 2 minutes. It shows the difference that adequate staffing can make. Anybody who relies on the public hospital system gets what they pay for: Third class service. Good private insurance costs no more than what the average smoker spends on his habit so you pays your money and you makes your choice. And over 40% of Australians take out private health insurance.

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better Dr Ray!!!