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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Serious illness

I am not up to writing much at the moment but I thought I should put up how I am situated at the moment

At about 11am last Wednesday (2nd.), I was suddenly struck with a severe pain in my lower right abdomen -- roughly where the appendix is. So I was fortunate to get a 12.40pm appointment with GP Rangiah at the Annerley Medical center -- where I normally go. He poked and prodded and then said: "You have to go to hospital"

I took a taxi to the Wesley and was given morphine shortly after arriving. I was then given a CT Scan and a kidney stone was detected. I was on the operating table at about 6pm that night under urologist Boon Kua -- an Australian Chinese who speaks good Australian and did his studies at UQ. He impressed me favourably.

He inserted a stent to fix the connection between my kidney and my bladder and that fixed the pain, with actual laser destruction of the stone scheduled for 2 weeks further on

So all went well initially but just before I was due to go home, I started to pee lots of blood -- so had to stay in. Dr Hua theorized that I have a unrinary tract infection but the medication he has prescribed has had no effect and I am still doing lots of painful bloody pees.

I have had UTIs in the past and found that Bactrim gave me relief in hours so I will suggest that to him next time I see him. He probably will say more moderrn drugs are better but Bactrim works for me if it really is a UTI..

But at the moment nobody knows what the problem is so I may be heading for serious trouble.

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