Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A very social weekend

On Friday Anne's sister Merle put on a dinner for the three sisters plus partners at her place.  Her place is in an old people's complex but the unit she has does not seem cramped and has full facilities.  She cooked us some chicken and vegies which was very nice.  She dressed the chicken in a complex sauce. I enjoyed it.  Ralph was back to his old jocular self, which was good to see.  I said the Selkirk grace before the meal as we were all Presbyterians one  way or another.

Then on Saturday  Anne put on a special dinner party for Paul and Susan -- WITHOUT Matthew present  -- to give Susan a bit of a break.  Jenny minded Matthew.  The menu was one suggested in a Dick Smith mailout -- using a lot of Dick Smith products:  Appetizers, chicken entree, main course of roast pork, dessert of some sort of rice pudding, finishing up with fancy chocolates

We had a rather spirited debate about music, with Paul critical of popular music.  I think I was a moderating voice.

Then on Sunday, Anne's son Byron and his wife Bonnie put on a lunch for a few of us. There were sausages, frittata and lots of other good things. There were a lot of family reminiscences plus some discussion of hospitals, as Anne is being admitted for some surgery soon. The surgery is "elective" so she is going private, probably to the Wesley if they get their Legionnaire's bug under control in time. She would have to wait for years to get the work done in a government hospital.

I gave each of the little boys a present that consisted of a collection of toy cars and a selection of lollies. That seemed to be a great hit.

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