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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jenny's birthday

I hosted a small dinner in celebration of Jenny's birthday this evening.  And no-one mentioned which birthday it was!  The idea was that Jenny would celebrate along with the two of her children left in Brisbane but with the addition of spouses etc, there were 7 adults at table and 3 toddlers.

At Jenny's request we had the dinner at Montezuma's Mexican, which is a very popular venue for families.

I bought along a present for Jenny which I knew she would love -- a complete hamper of all of Dick Smith's foods.  And she did visibly enjoy opening it and inspecting the loot.

The talk was of course mainly about kids but my mention of Tom Waterhouse got approval.  The ladies clearly like Tom's looks.

Tom Waterhouse

After the dinner we adjourned to Jenny's place for coffee and cutting the cake.  Susan made the cake.  It was a a bit different but very good.  It was covered in strawberry slices.

I got a good cuddle from Sahara there -- which was a nice change.  She was afraid of me for a long time but now she is three and a half I seem to be in her good books.  Sahara is very pretty with her pronounced Nordic looks and Suz had done her hair in plaits, which I have always thought is the most attractive way to present blonde hair.

Dusty was as usual good as gold but he did have fun at one stage by having a screaming contest with Matthew.  They are roughly the same age.

Sahara and Dusty

Jenny with her birthday cake

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