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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Anne is away at the moment so I did not go to church on Good Friday as I most usually do.

But today Jenny put on an Easter lunch for a few of us.  It was first class.  The main course was roast pork with GOOD CRACKLING.  Jenny seems to be one of the few cooks who can do crackling.  I was actually suffering from a mild case of diverticulitis so should really have been eating mushy food but I was not going to miss out on roast pork!  And we had apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert.  What more could one ask?

Elise was surprisingly lively.  She vocalized quite a lot and even smiled occasionally.  Matthew played trains most of the time.  Very boyish!

We discussed our celebration next Wednesday of St George's day quite a bit and everybody was looking forward to it.  We are all appreciative of our varying degrees of Englishness.    We also discussed the varying speech patterns you encounter in England.

The future of Paul's business is still in flux but Paul has good hopes that he can rescue it.

Nanna kept us on the ball at various points.  Being nearly 90 seems to have given her extra confidence

Susan arrived wearing a rather ragged denim skirt which I commented on.  Everybody assured me however that it was just fashion.  Nanna assured us all that she still keeps her hems straight.

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