Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Sunday breakfast

This was the second celebration this year of Paul's birthday.  I put it in the format of my jammy breakfasts.  The last such breakfast rid me of some of my large stock of jams but I needed to move even more. And on this occasion also I think everybody found a jam they were happy to take home with them.

Anne brought along a loaf of the excellent bread that she gets from her local Chinese baker and also some croissants.  So bread 'n jam is humble food but with good bread and a big variety of good jams, I think everybody ate well.

Anne made us all cups of tea

Susan brought along a bombe Alaska cake for a birthday cake which went down well.   I was impressed by her culinary blowtorch.  I had no idea such a thing existed.

Matthew and Ava Marie played together well, tearing around my house with great energy.  Ava Marie seems to be quite a bright little girl.  She was very interested in the baby -- Elise.  Elise was her usual solemn self

Jenny, Ken and Davey were the others in attendance (plus kids) so it was a small gathering but perfectly pleasant.  It went on from 9am to about 11am.  I had some sort of wog but I don't think that disrupted anything.

At one stage I took Paul aside to discuss men's business

A small point:  Susan is very fussy about what she will drink.  She is not even keen on tea.  I gather that she mostly drinks milk at home.  Joe would agree with that!

But I have found a way to get her something.  I have a big filter jug that filters tap water for purity.  So I run a jugful of that the night before she is due over and put it in the fridge.  I call that "Susan's freshly squeezed water" and she is happy to use it.

And today she knew to look in the fridge for "her" water.   And between herself and her son she drank most of it.  Later that afternoon however she came back via my place and asked to get a drink of water  -- whereupon she drank the last of "her" water.  So I was most pleased that my place was seen as an oasis where one could get "Good" water!

The cake

An interesting conversation?

Ava marie


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