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Monday, June 9, 2014

Dosas again

I thought that Paul was probably getting pretty frazzled with all the reorganization of his life that he is doing lately so I offered to shout the family a Sunday lunch just to give him a break.  And I know of NO lunch that is more attractive than dosas.

So it was agreed and we turned up at our usual venue.  The adults all had Masala dosas but Matthew now has his own dosa  -- an egg dosa.  Elise also got some of the egg dosa and chewed away in her usual serious manner for most of the lunch.

Paul and I talked about our usual things  -- politics and investment -- while Anne mostly talked to Susan about lady things.

After lunch we adjourned to my place where Paul got his usual dessert -- a box of choc-chip cookies.  On this occasion, we spent a little time talking about the mini-play that I wrote for Jenny's birthday party.  Paul, Susan and Anne gave high praise to its free-flowing and colloquial wording and Paul assured me that I had wasted my talent by not being a playwright.  They even seemed to think I could make money out of writing plays.  That was of course pleasing and I decided to write another mini-play for Nanna's birthday party.

My new childproof front gates were appreciated as Matthew ran around like a mad thing -- in his usual way.  My old Queenslander house is well adapted to kids and it was pleasing to hear the thunder of little feet in it. It was also pleasing to see that Elise can now crawl  -- albeit only commando-style so far.  She escaped most of the way down my long hallway at one stage.

Paul seemed very devoted to little Elise so she is a lucky girl.  Daughters with a father who adores them get from that a psychological strength and balance that lasts for the rest of their lives.

In total we spent over 3 hours together so that must have been a bit of a slice out of Paul's busy life but he seemed totally relaxed so it seems he did not miss his chores.

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