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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June's birthday party

Anne's sister June has had a birthday recently so Anne put on a "3 sisters" Wednesday lunch in honour of that.  The third sister, Merle, was also present, as were the associated male persons.

Anne started us with a type of French onion soup that actually had lots of onions in it!  Plus pre-postioned garlic bread in it. All very tasty.  For the main course she made a type of Moussaka.  Both courses were Jamie Oliver recipes, I gather.  And we had a cream-filled sponge cake with passionfruit icing for dessert.  Definitely a lady's cake.

The main topic of conversation was Anne's new carpet and the tyranny of fashion.  The only way I could get Anne a pretty carpet was to go to an Axminster so I was vocal in condemning the pressure of a fashion that dictated that only brown carpet could be on general sale.  The Axminster (below) did however seem to meet with general approval.

Other than that, I cannot think what we talked about as it was neither religion nor politics.  We do sometimes talk about church matters but not this time.  Ralph was clearly feeling poorly when we arrived but he soon livened up with company and even told some jokes.

I brought along to the party a mini-play that I had written -- as I sometimes do these days.  People seemed keen to do it -- June particularly -- and it worked well.  It was my "Unselling" play.  June took the part of the customer and Colin was the shopkeeper.

Anne had gone to some trouble with her hair so I pointed out to all and sundry that she had done it in a currently fashionable way.  Brownie points gained there I think.

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