Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two clumsy people dining together

Recently, Joe and I unintentionally enacted  what could have been a comedy sketch called "Two clumsy people dining together".  We were at Nando's and had just received our order of chicken with side dishes of salad and rice.  None of those fattening chips for us!

Both Joe and I tend to have difficulty opening things, however, so when I opened the sachet of dressing for the salald, I managed to squirt half of it onto my shirt.  I was going to wash that shirt anyway!  Eventually, I got some of the dressing onto the salad and left it for Joe to take some salad for his plate.  He promptly knocked the salad bowl over and spilt the contents onto the table!  I picked up some of it and ate it anyway.

Fortunately the rice kept mostly to where it was intended to be but there was perhaps by the end of the dinner more of it on the table than would have been ideal.  Rice is like that in my experience

Given our shared clumsiness, Joe and I both ate the chicken with our hands. Using just knife and fork would probably have shot some of it across the room.  That does happen.  So we both ended up with very greasy hands by the end of the dinner.  As I always do, I had a hanky with me so wiped my hands on that.  Joe however just wiped his hands on his shorts -- in the best Australian male style.  He washes his shorts fairly often though.

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