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Monday, April 6, 2015

A quiet Easter

In consideration of the fact that most restaurants would be closed over Easter, Anne came and cooked me dinner on both Friday and Saturday.  On Friday she cooked me a good non-meat dinner featuring Haloumi, mushrooms and fried eggs.  She has never been a Catholic but was for a long time married to one.  So she has got the habit of no meat on Friday.  And on Saturday we had sausages and salad.  That's pretty humble but I am something of a sausage freak so it suited us both.  And they were good sausages.

And on Sunday Anne put on one of her "3 sisters" lunches -- for her two sisters plus menfolk.  We had some excellent roast lamb.  Even the gravy was good.  I am a bit fussy about potatoes but Anne cut the potatoes up into small pieces and baked them. That went down well.

Someone at one stage mentioned saying Grace and Anne said I might.  I do occasionally do that when people of faith are present.  I usually say the famous Selkirk grace by Robert Burns.  This time, however,  I said I would do one better.  I said I would sing a Doxology as a Doxology is a song of thanks anyway.  So I did.  I sang the doxology "Praise God from whom all blessings flow ..."

It is very well-known so I got everybody onto their feet and we all sang it.  Presbyterians don't sing sitting down. And I think we all enjoyed singing it too.

Perhaps it made up a little for the fact  that Anne and I did not attend church this Easter

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