Old folk at lunch

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fathers' day

I had an unusual Fathers' day.  Joe actually remembered! And he marked the occasion by getting a haircut and dressing up!  Dressing up by Brisbane standards anyway.  He wore long pants, a striped business shirt and a tie!  The footwear needed work, however.  It was actually all in aid of a job interview he was having the next day but putting it on a day early helped familiarize him with it, which was wise.

The haircut was a bit severe so I told Joe he looked like a coconut -- which is what people used to tell me when I got a haircut.  That was in the '70s when men tended to wear their hair long.  I did too but once a year I would go to the barber and ask for "short back & sides", once the standard man's haircut.  From what I gather, "short back & sides" is back in fashion these days, though the short sides extend further up than they used to.

He was wearing a plain blue tie so I donated him one of my striped ties, in the theory that it would make him look as if he belonged somewhere.

We had a good dinner, however. Joe, Anne, Kate and myself were joined by two of Joe's mates, Kristian and Eugene.  We went to "Mr Steak", which we always enjoy.  Joe and I once again had steakburgers.  Everybody else had proper steak dinners, however. "Mr Steak"'s dinners definitely satisfy.

Joe eats like a soldier: rapidly.  I do too but Joe always beats me.  Kate seems to wish he would slow down.  I have been told that by female persons too.  But I explained to Kate that it's genetic so he can't help it. I am not sure she was convinced. Anyway it was a very congenial dinner.

Von tells me that she cooked for the day! She made a Lasagne that went down well. Von's cookery has a bad reputation, which is why Simon normally cooks.  Von had better not get too good or she might have to do it more often!


  1. Great update John, sounds like you had a nice time.
    I told Simon I could cook more as long as he does the dishes, he quickly declined that offer!
    Von x