Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fathers' day

I had an unusual Fathers' day.  Joe actually remembered! And he marked the occasion by getting a haircut and dressing up!  Dressing up by Brisbane standards anyway.  He wore long pants, a striped business shirt and a tie!  The footwear needed work, however.  It was actually all in aid of a job interview he was having the next day but putting it on a day early helped familiarize him with it, which was wise.

The haircut was a bit severe so I told Joe he looked like a coconut -- which is what people used to tell me when I got a haircut.  That was in the '70s when men tended to wear their hair long.  I did too but once a year I would go to the barber and ask for "short back & sides", once the standard man's haircut.  From what I gather, "short back & sides" is back in fashion these days, though the short sides extend further up than they used to.

He was wearing a plain blue tie so I donated him one of my striped ties, in the theory that it would make him look as if he belonged somewhere.

We had a good dinner, however. Joe, Anne, Kate and myself were joined by two of Joe's mates, Kristian and Eugene.  We went to "Mr Steak", which we always enjoy.  Joe and I once again had steakburgers.  Everybody else had proper steak dinners, however. "Mr Steak"'s dinners definitely satisfy.

Joe eats like a soldier: rapidly.  I do too but Joe always beats me.  Kate seems to wish he would slow down.  I have been told that by female persons too.  But I explained to Kate that it's genetic so he can't help it. I am not sure she was convinced. Anyway it was a very congenial dinner.

Von tells me that she cooked for the day! She made a Lasagne that went down well. Von's cookery has a bad reputation, which is why Simon normally cooks.  Von had better not get too good or she might have to do it more often!

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