Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A welcome visit

I was pleased today to receive a visit from Martin C**, a relative on my mother's side.  As far as I can figure he is my second cousin.  And he looked in good form.  He is a good-looking blue-eyed and good humoured man in the prime of his life.  He even has hair. I have some but he has more.

I got my brother to come along as he is the one who is up with our family genealogy.  Martin has done heaps in that direction so I needed help with that.

I was amused to find that Martin is like most of my relatives -- very conservative,  I am not going to dob him in but what once was said of Syngman Rhee (who was he?) is roughly true of Martin: "He is so far Right that he is almost out of sight".  My brother and my son are similar so Martin was in congenial company.  It's a pity he does not live in Brisbane normally. He would be a fun guest on many occasions.  I would like to hear him talk to some Leftists.  They wouldn't believe their ears.

He lives in the far North, where I come from. And views such as his or mine are perfectly mainstream there. I suspect that my surviving sister, Mrs. Smith (Yes. That really is her name), might think that way too. I know she loathes Arabs. She lived in Saudi for a couple of years, while her husband was working there, so experienced first-hand the disgusting way Arabs treat women.

Martin very kindly brought with him a selection of the photographic treasures he has discovered.  Below is one of old Paulina, when she was working as a maid in England.  She was my great-grandmother on my mother's side.

Another very rare picture below -- of old Joe, Paulina's husband. We have quite a few pictures of him but this is unique.  It shows him as a boy with HIS father.

Note the sharp shoes on the father. And note his confident stance. A man of fashion? My father was "a bit of a lair" in his youth

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