Old folk at lunch

Monday, December 7, 2015


I like hummus so when I was in Woolworths recently I asked an employee where where I could find some.  She promptly directed me  to the appropriate place on the shelves.  And I found there a number of offerings. And the one I bought was excellent.

But, being an old guy, I could not help reflecting on how differently my enquiry might have been received one or two decades ago.  I would have got: "Hummus?  What's that? We don't stock it".

How times have changed -- for the better.

I look forward to hearing of Von's experience with hummus.  Do they have it in the shaky isles?


  1. Yes John, the Hummus is even available in our local 4 square supermarket in Lumsden. I bought some recently for a gathering I organised with some local mums it was at their request (great for those watching their weight). Von x

  2. Lumsden has got what it takes!