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Friday, January 1, 2016

A quiet New Year

With Anne being away I spent my New Year's eve pretty much alone.  Joe came in however and connected the new DVD drive for my computer so that was good.  The new drive does work well.  I watched an operetta DVD on it and the new drive did not hang up on a bad patch where my other DVD players did.

And I decided to go shopping at Aldi to see what the latest of their ever-changing range was. I was rather pleased to see that Aldi do markdowns on slowly-moving stock too. I bought a few things, including an allegedly Angus beef family pie for $3.59.

That night I microwaved a frozen dinner of Gyoza plus Udon noodles that was quite good.  Frozen dinners have improved a lot these days.  I had it with leftover salad from Tuesday, a leftover bread roll and some leftover tomato juice.  It added up to a reasonable dinner.

Today I went in search of breakfast at the Buranda shopping center, as I often do.  As I expected, it was all closed up but as I also expected, the Pakistani kebab shop over the road was open.  They do quite a good kebab so I had that.  One of the sauces offered for the kebab was "chuckney" sauce.  I deduced that "chutney" was meant so ordered that.  It was nothing like any chutney I know but it was OK.

I then decided that I needed a treat so noted that the frozen yoghurt shop was open.  I went in and had a bowl of half mango and half chocolate flavour topped with mulberries.  A definite indulgence.

And for dinner I had the discounted pie that I bought from Aldi.  It was fine.

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