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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anne's birthday plus two things that did not happen

Anne was deadset on going to the Hilton for her birthday so I took her there on Saturday.  I almost always find fancy places like that disappointing.  The food is often "innovative", which usually means "strange".  So I was not totally surprised at the strange dinner we did get.  I thought that ordering a mixed grill for the both of us would be pretty safe but it wasn't.  It allegedly included: "slow roasted pork belly. outside skirt. kangaroo fillet. lamb cutlet. duck breast. handmade italian sausage. lemon. salsa verde. micro greens."

That sounds OK on a quick glance but the "sausage" was just some sort of small rissole and the last two items were just some kind of sauce.  I am quite keen on mixed grills but I have never before come across one consisting of meat only.  No eggs, no bacon, no fried onions, no salad etc.  And I didn't even get a bread roll with it!  And the dessert I ordered again sounded good on paper but turned out to be tiny: Good for the waistline, I guess.  And the ambiance was non-existent.  We were seated facing a blank wall!  A very poor return for the nearly $200 I spent. No wonder they had so many empty tables on a Saturday night.  I didn't complain about it to Anne or any one else at the time but I will never set foot in that place again.  I often host family dinners at the Bollywood which cost me $300+ so I don't mind spending the money. I just like to get good food and good value for money.

Next morning was better.  Anne and I went along to a breakfast organized by her son Byron at "Lock & Load", a West End cafe we know well.  Byron has two little boys so I sat with them and had the sort of fun I always have with little kids. They amuse me and I amuse them.  The food was good as it always is there.  We had it in the back garden, which makes a pleasant venue.  A much better ambiance than at the Hilton.  If I were a Muslim I would say:  "Death to the Hilton".  Fortunately, my values are Christian.

The things that did not happen:  I have in past years put on a Burns night on 25th but that got a bit hectic for an old guy like me. With a birthday on 23rd and Australia day on 26th it was a lot of celebrating.  So I no longer do a Burns night.

But, as it happens, our usual family BBQ on Australia day was cancelled at the last minute so I had a quiet day.

That evening, however, Joe came in to help me set up a small computer museum.  So, in addition to my Windows 10 main computer and my notebook computer, I now have a DOS machine and an XP machine up and running.  Joe did all the work as he knows a lot about hardware as well as being a programmer. He told me recently that he is writing some firmware for his employers, which I found impressive -- though I suppose it is just another "C" exercise.

UPDATE:  Joe wrote the program using C#, which is blue, he tells me, in a rare burst of synaesthesia. C# is a Microsoft version of "C"

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