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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A lively weekend

Von & Co. joined me for Friday brunch.  I took them to the Caffe di Moda at Stones corner.  I ordered my personal version of the lamb salad, Von had the regular version and Simon had a bacon & egg meal with various trimmings.  Hannah had chicken nuggets with chips.

Von and I covered a lot of ground with reminiscences and family discussions and it was a pleasure to see that we still see eye to eye on a lot of things.  Von remarked that she likes Kate so she gives Joe permission to marry her.  It was a joke of course but like a lot of jokes it had something real in it.  Von's judgment is greatly respected in the family so if she had been critical of Kate it would have caused concern.  Her approval does mean something.

So we agreed that Joe is getting a good deal with Kate.  I added to that by saying:  "Kate is getting a good deal too.  Joe is tall and well-built and that is 95% of it for most women".  Von simply replied:  "It is".  Von is a born psychologist.  She has been closely observing people and thinking about them since she was a little kid.

I spent a bit of time playing silly games with Hannah, just as I used to play with Von when she was that age.  Hannah was certainly ready for fun.  She initiated a lot of the play. She is quite a fun kid, actually.

Then for Saturday lunch we went to our usual dosa place.  We always go there when Von comes over.  Jenny joined us but Joe was down in Sydney and Suz already had something on that night. Von had dressed Hannah in a pretty little red Gingham dress.

We once again mentioned my favorite story of Von getting into my bed when she was a little girl.  I have often told that tale so it was interesting that Von for the first time gave her reminiscences of it. She remembers it well, including how she felt at the time

After dosas we went back to my place for tea and coffee -- helped down by a packet of Afghans that Von had brought over from NZ.  I really enjoyed talking to Von.  She is so sensible and cheerful.  And after that we got my old Amiga computer going so Hannah could play some of the old games

I mentioned that Von and I used to get around together at that time without a word being spoken.  We understood one-another well enough so that we didn't need to talk to enjoy one-another's company.  Simon is very quiet so I told him that I had prepared Von for him by giving her the experience that much talk was not needed to get on well. Von chats quite well these days, though.  She is her mother's daughter after all.

Then on Sunday Suz and Russ hosted the whole family for a lunch. Jenny drove me out there as I don't fancy that long drive much these days.

They served up a nice mild curry.  Kenneth was there so we discussed his book and his invitation to Government house.  Ken is now The Author.  Anne has asked for a copy of his book so we arranged that.  And Maureen had brought along one of her excellent Pavlovas.  I really like Pavlovas so I congratulated Maureen on it.

The kids all played well together -- loudly, of course.  And they discovered Dan at one stage so climbed all over him in search of fun -- which Dan delivered. Walking around with a kid slung over each shoulder is great fun for the kids concerned.

And when I got home, I finished up the afternoon with a good nap.

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