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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Meatloaf update

I have posted previously on my quest for the  perfect meatloaf. So I was pleased to see in Woolworths a Jamie Oliver beef meatloaf.  Definitely worth a try.  Anne came over to share it and I served it with my basic salad and toast.  My basic salad had tomato, cucumber, avocado, olives and Feta but no onions, lettuce or dressing.

We both thought the meatloaf was quite good, though Anne prefers the one she makes and I prefer the one I got from Aldi. To welcome Anne over, I put a couple of bunches of flowers in her room to greet her when she arrived -- mainly red and yellow roses. They were a MUCH bigger hit than the meatloaf.  When Anne got home next day she photographed them and sent me the picture.  See below:

For breakfast next morning I took Anne to a place called "Medley" at the end of Wharf St., Kangaroo Pt. It is right beside the Brisbane River and seems pretty trendy.  I ordered the Shakshuka in order to find out what it was.  It seemed to comprise mainly tomato, beans and chick peas plus two poached eggs.  It was served as a sort of soup in a very hot cast iron dish.  It tasted quite good but it was too soupy for me.  Anne had an avocado & Feta dish. It was at any event a pleasant location, but you do of course pay for that.

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