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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Surgery and a party

This week was one of contrasts.  On Monday I had some surgery to remove a skin cancer from my face and on Tuesday Anne had surgery on her legs.  Companions in surgery!  Both of are now in recovery.  Anne was on a Zimmer frame at first but is now back walking unaided.

I picked Anne up from the hospital in Wickham Tce about midday on Wednesday and also took over some fish and chips for tea that night.  Merle and Ralph were also there to share our fish and chips so it was a pleasant social occasion.  We talked a bit about Presbyterian church doings.  The church Merle and Ralph have been going to has gone "modern" and we all agreed that that was no good. Ralph told a funny story about someone who kept calling him "Vince".

And on Thursday lunchtime there was a party for Suz's birthday, held at her and Russ's place.  The party was quiet but pleasant and the gift that I had bought via Jenny was well received.  It was a Japanese box filled with Body Shop products.  Twins being what they are, I also sent Von a cheque similar in amount to what Suz's present cost and told her to buy something nice for herself.  She seemed very pleased by that.

Russ as usual did the honours with his hi-tech BBQ machine and produced some good sausages and rissoles.  I for once had some of all the salads.  We all admired Russ's new big wooden table and chairs on his patio.  The table seats 10 so Russ's hospitable inclinations were evident.

We talked about various things but at one stage debated whether people who avoid genetically modified crops are motivated by fear of the unknown. I think Ken, Simon and I were inclined to think that might be.

Maureen donated a bottle of her excellent cumquat jam to me.  She hadn't made that jam before but got a result that was as good as any I have had.  And I am a cumquat jam fancier from way back.

Paul and family had the wog so did not stay.  Davey was there so he has obviously made a partial recovery.  With her blonde looks, Sahara was looking beautiful and Dusty was his usual good-natured self.  He mostly just sat in his high chair and sang out "more" when he ran out of food.  LOL.

A curious event was that no-one could find matches to light the candles on the birthday cake:  A pleasant reminder that nobody there smoked.

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