Old folk at lunch

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The travellers return (again)

Paul and Susan got back from another cruise this week  -- mainly visiting China and Japan -- so I shouted them a small welcome home lunch at the dosa restaurant.  Susan had a particular yen for some dosas and we all know that the food desires of pregnant ladies must be indulged.  I had a few personal matters to discuss with Paul so there were just the 4 of us -- including Master Matthew, who was a great asset to the occasion, of course.

Paul and Susan were both very impressed with the very civilized Japan

We mainly discussed possible plans for the forthcoming little daughter but since none of us have met her yet, all discussions had to be in the most general terms.  It seems reasonably likely, however, that she will have her mother's good looks and Paul's assertiveness so in that case a few things about her future can be discussed.

The big issue was what to name her and all three of us had different ideas about that -- but I think we edged towards an  agreement eventually.

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