Old folk at lunch

Monday, April 1, 2013


Jenny wanted to see both her daughters together while Von was in town so put on a BBQ at her place.  Present were the twins with partners plus Jenny, Nanna and myself. Plus littlies, of course

I had lot of chats with Von and along the way  I could see that Von really appreciated my shouting her and hers the trip to Brisbane.  I also lent them Joe's Brisbane car to get around so that must have been handy seeing they came for a fortnight.  They depart later this week.

We talked about the kids mostly:  Hannah's little brown arm and Saharah's pretty blue eyes etc.  You would never think they were cousins but then you would never think Von and Suz were twins.  Both little girls are of wholly Caucasian ancestry but Hannah could almost pass for Asian with her tanned skin and rather slit eyes.  She gets the eye shape from Ken.  Timmy has it too.  Hannah's eyes are blue, however.  And for contrast, Sahara looks like a little Nordic goddess, with her paper white skin, big blue eyes and golden-blonde hair.  Joe looked like that too when he was a toddler.

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