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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mothers' Day with three mothers!

At her request, Jenny's Mothers' Day celebrations were postponed to next weekend.  So I joined Anne for her Mothers' Day at the place of one of her sons -- Warren -- a purveyor of  shiny trinkets to the gentry.  But Danish trinkets so that's different

Present were 2 other mothers:  The wife of her son Byron and Byron's mother in law:  Two very cheerful and congenial ladies of Dutch origin.  It was a morning tea so I supplied a Schwarzwalderkirschentorte.  It amuses me the way Germans run lots of words together to make one.  We say:  "Black Forest Cherry Cake".  That cake is a great favorite of mine so I bought it off a cakeshop the day before. Scones with Jam and cream also arrived for the party and were delicious.

Also present were Ethan and Koen, young sons of Byron and Bonnie.  They got a lot of attention. Koen is a Dutch name.  There seem to be Dutch people everywhere in my social/family circle.  Maybe it's not a coincidence.  A Dutchman once told me that I would make a good Dutchman.

The conversation flowed but I can't remember a single thing we talked about.  I am bad that way.  But it was a very pleasant and relaxing time.

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