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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FIVE mothers!

Jenny postponed her Mothers' day celebrations for a week and it certainly turned out to be a Mothers' day last Sunday.  The five mothers present were:  Jenny, Nanna, Susan, Suzy and Anne.  In the circumstances much of the talk was about babies and children but I take part in that too so the conversation flowed.

And the three toddlers present:  Matthew, Dusty and Sahara, were a lot of fun

We had the lunch on Jenny's back deck and I supplied some of the food.  The weather was a typically fine Brisbane winter's day and Paul expressed particular appreciation of that.

Paul has had some problems with both his business and his investments lately so he and I spent a fair bit of time talking about that.  He is thinking of letting out all his properties here and moving to NZ.

The Greens are responsible for a lot of Paul's investment losses so the Green/Left in Australian politics generally came in for a lot of excoriation.

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