Old folk at lunch

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am probably being repetitious here but I wonder if the young people know what we oldies went through by way of diet.

For CENTURIES the British diet consided of "meat + 3 veg".  The veg were potatoes  plus cabbage and carrots or beans of you were lucky

And the meat was somethinhg hacked off a dead animal --  such as steak or if you were unlucky sausages.  And if you were REALLY unlucky it was liver.

The vegetables had s**t out of  boiled out of them and the meat was fried to death

For my hospital admissions, I always go to the Wesley  -- Brisbane's top private  hospital.  But even there it helps to be one of the people.  You get  to choose your dinner if you are there in the morning but if you are an afternoon or evening admission you get the default dinner!  And it is very ethnic:  Australian ethnic.  Something might be  done with the smashed potatoes to make them more edible but that is about the  limit.

But somehow we survived.  Rather Paleo, I guess.  And I must confess that that I can still eat such a presentation  -- though not without amusement.  I recognize that it it is good if boring food.  If you ever go into an Australian/British hospital, you had better get used to it.

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