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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tingalpa is where it's at!

Tingalpa has long been one of Brisbane's lowliest suburbs -- notable only as a place you pass through on your way to the seaside at Wynnum.

But a miracle has happened.  Tingalpa now hath all that the heart desires, as Dr Johnson might have said.

It started with the IGA.  The IGA is a small supermaket that is much more convenient to get around than the huge Coles and Woolworths stores.  And it seems to have lots of good things and a friendly staff.

And it all took off from there.  It now even has a Sushi train.  And that, I think, is a prime marker of being in tune with modern international civilization.  Japan has lessons for us all.

And the Chinese bakery there is marvellous -- with bread like you had forgotten was possible -- and the Indian there does a Lahori curry that beats any other curry I have tasted.  And I have eaten  curries in India (plus Sydney and London).

And the latest thing is that they now have a Mexican there ("Chidos").  Anne and I went there last night and it was very good Mexican.  And, at the risk of being boring, I have tasted Mexican in Mexico.

Plus they have a Thai etc etc.

But they do have a very strange Australian bottleshop there.  If you knock on his door a few minutes after he has closed (at 7pm!)in order to buy liquor from him, he won't open his door.  Indians  and Chinese would regard him as a very strange creature.  I do too.

I suspect that he may be Scottish.  Scots can get very rigid about their customs.  And I speak as someone who wears the kilt on occasions!  And I have been to Scotland three times.  I have even done research there.  See here.

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