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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Have I gone over the top?

Yes.  I have gone over the top.  In my view there is nothing more beautiful than a child with golden curls and brilliant blue eyes.  And gorgeous Dusty is just such a child at the moment.  But my son Joe was such a child too.  And even I was.  Though I think my hair was more white than golden -- as I can still remember my father's friends addressing me as "Snowy".

So when I encountered a young mother outside Bunnings today who had THREE little blondies with her, I of course turned to water.

I was there to buy a bolt cutter (Don't ask) but Bunnings have a charity sausage sizzle outside their front door and I am a sausage tragic.  I can't go past them.  So I was stopped eating a sausage in bread there (with mustard) when a young mother rolled up with her 3 littlies,  One of them was about 4 and said:  "Mummy, Can we have a sausage?":  Obviously well-brought-up Australian kids.

The mother said:  "I don't know,. I don't think I have got enough money for that.  And she opened her change purse and was scrabbling around in it to see what she had.  I had finished my sausage by then so immediately got up, put my hand in my pocket and pulled out all my change and dropped it into the lady's purse.  She was a bit startled but looked up and saw me smiling at her so  said "Thank You".  I just walked on.

After I had brought my bolt cutter and left the shop I did however note that all the kids had a sausage.  I was most pleased.

I was wearing my blue singlet at the time so the lady would probably have seen what I did as just normal Ocker kindness.

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