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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Barbers: A small reflection

Men very commonly go to the same barber for a long time.  I knew a man who had been going to the same barber for 20 years  -- or it may have been 30 years.  Since he had very little hair on his head when I met him, I hope his barber gave him a discount.

The fact that you let a barber much closer to your head and face than you normally would probably exerts some pressure towards  a more friendly relationship.  I gather that women tend to get a bit close to their hairdressers too.

And barbers do customarily chat with their customers when they are in the chair.  The football and current events are the usual  topics.  And enough common ground is usually found for the conversation to be congenial.

I remember an occasion when Anne and I had gone to Stone's Corner to visit the shops.  Anne went off to visit ladies' clothing shops  and I took a place at the barber's.  But after a while a huge storm broke out which more or less stopped everyone in their tracks. And that seemed to prevent any new customers turning up for the barber.  So the barber and I were standing in the doorway of his shop chatting and gazing at the weather.  And that went on for a little while until Anne turned up.

She was a bit apologetic for turning up rather late but I told her it was no problem as I had been talking to the barber.  She seemed rather amazed by that.  The fact that your barber is your friend seemed new to her.  I think she was particularly impressed by the fact that the barber was quite a bit younger than I was.  But if your barber is a good barber age does not matter much

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