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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paul and Russell's birthday dinner

An occasion best forgotten in general.  Alcohol certainly makes problems worse rather than solving them.  The occasion ended with both Maureen and Susan in tears and everybody else rushing to get out of the place.  I felt particularly sorry for Susan who looked gorgeous  wearing the new dress her mother had bought her for the occasion.

George was his usual invaluable self, pouring oil on troubled waters.  I have long ago declared George essential for any celebration I organize so that is reinforced.  I will shout George a dinner any time.

Timmy showed he is just as smart as an adult as he was when he was a gorgeous little boy. When put on the spot he refused to go on that spot.  Bravo Timmy!  See what I wrote here on Jan. 1st to read more about the toddler Timmy.

The food was good anyway, as Indian food usually is.

As is my wont, I arrived at the restaurant in Mt Gravatt punctually -- at 5:30pm.  And when I walked in I announced that I was after a strong young man to help carry the champagne in.  The strong young men had  not arrived at that stage, however, so George volunteered. I said: "Are you a strong young man, George?".  He said he was and everyone agreed.  So he did the honours, even though he is about my age and only about 5'2" tall.  Bravo George!

After the restaurant, a remnant of us went over to Jenny's place for coffee and birthday cake.  Susan had made an excellent chocolate cake. Jenny's friend Pam was also there -- from the Shaky Isles.

Anyway, to explain the next bit I need to give a bit of background:  Susan's mother Ami is a very glamorous lady.  You can see where Susan gets her looks from.  But Ami is also a champion cleaner.  Whenever I can get her over to my bachelor abode to do cleaning, I end up with parts shining that never shone before!  I have a theory that spots just see her coming and run away.

Anyway she apparently helps out a lot with the cleaning at Paul's place too  -- lucky them!  So at one stage while we were at Jenny's place, Master Matthew (aged 2) dropped something that made a mess on the floor.  So he came to where we were all sitting and said: "Nanna clean".  So appreciation of Ami's cleaning extends across a wide age range!

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