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Monday, April 25, 2016

A rather mad ANZAC day

Because everything was going to be shut up for ANZAC day, Anne came over to cook me breakfast.  I had a leftover pack of hot-cross buns in the freezer so that was the main focus.  Anne put them in the oven for an inscrutable time and they came out fine.  She also brought over the leftovers of a chicken she had cooked for her and June the night before so I cut my hotcross buns into two, buttered them, and ate them with chicken in the middle. Very satisfactory!

And somehow we used an amazing amount of crockery and cutlery for the process.  There ended up plates and cutlery all over the place on my verandah table afterwards

We both watched the march on TV after breakfast.  I watched only a bit of it but Anne watched it all.  She was on the lookout for people she knew  There were huge numbers in the march so that was not unrealistic.  She saw no-one this year, though.

Then that night I offered Anne a Thai curry dinner (out of my  freezer) while I cooked a pack of snags for myself.  But it didn't end up that way.  Anne cooked up some rice to have with her curry but I found when I opened my offered packet of curry that it already had rice with it.

So how to proceed?  I had expected to have toast with my snags but I decided that rice would be good too.  And six snags were a bit much for me alone so both of us ended up having three snags and rice for our dinner -- which neither of us had foreseen.

But the snags were good, the rice was fine and I had a new bottle of "Chipotle" (Mexican) BBQ sauce to have with the snags -- so we did well. The sauce was only a bit peppery.

I grabbed out of the fridge what I thought was a bottle of beer to have with it all but it turned out to be a bottle of ginger beer only.  But it was fine.  Chaos was still pretty good.  And we ended up with lots of cutlery on the table for that meal too!

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