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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How old people give directions

When a young person wants to tell another person where something is, he will pick out prominent buildings or features that are nearby.

Old people do that too but they have another tool at their disposal.  When talking to another old person, they will often describe where something USED to be.  Anne and I do it often.  We might for instance say:

John:  Where do that young couple live these days?

Anne:  Opposite where the Thompsons used to live

John:  Opposite where the Thompsons used to live!  Ah!  Now I get you

So being old has some advantages

But health problems usually ensure that it is not a golden age. I think most of us oldies look back to the time when we were involved in bringing up children as our golden age.  Maybe not for everyone

But old age does have a few advantages.  We are under less pressure to achieve.  We know by then who we are and where we are.  We no longer have to strive to get somewhere or establish anything.

There is some tendency for older people to get more religious too -- particularly in women

I am still as atheist as ever but I will probably say on my deathbed "Shema Yisreal" -- not out of any expectation of a reward -- just in an appreciation of the good.  I would like to be able to say the whole prayer but I can't memorize anything much these days. I am glad I learnt a lot of poetry when I was young. Perhaps if I am compos mentis enough I could get a Rabbi to come and say it for me.    It's a prayer of devotion but I like its triumphant tone

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