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Sunday, April 24, 2016

St. George's day

I missed out on celebrating St. George's day yesterday.  St. George is of course the patron saint of England and I do often celebrate it. I thought of it rather late in the week and Anne was ill the day before so it was all too hard this year.  I fly the flag of St. George daily on the flagpole at the front of my house but that is probably just a token of my eccentricity.  I also have a large brass Hindu idol (Ganesha) greeting people as they walk in my front door so I think my claim to be eccentric is on firm ground.  We bright sparks are allowed to be eccentric.

In Britain these days, the St. George flag has been adopted by people who are proud to be English rather than British.  People of immigrant origin from all over the world are described as British these days.  So I have a certain sympathy for that. My origins too are mainly English and I am most grateful for that.  Britain has a lot of troublesome immigrants these days whereas our main immigrant group are Han Chinese -- who are no trouble at all.

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