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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Indian watches

When I was in India, I bought a couple of Indian watches.  I was well aware of the poor quality of most Indian manufactured goods but I liked the look of them so I took a punt on them being OK.  But I was not surprised when they died a few weeks after I got home.   Paul got the watchbands off them.  He was collecting watchbands at that time. Maybe he still has them.

Then recently, Anne decided that she should buy me a watch for my birthday.  And there was a nearby Indian jeweller who had a good display.  I found one I liked and took bets on how long it would last.  It lasted about a week.  I insisted that Anne get her money back but had to get a bit heavy about it.

But there is also a nearby Indian bargain shop that usually has good stuff -- and they sell watches too.  Anne and I saw a ladies watch there that looked quite nice so I bought it for her -- for $11.  It lasted rather well  -- about a month.

So Indian watches are for fun, nothing else.

And let me mention something else amusing. I found a nice blue shirt in India that I wanted to buy. So I bought the biggest size of it that they had -- a vast tent-like creation. I did so because I knew how Indian fabrics shrink like buggery when washed. And after it had been through the washing machine and tumble dryer it was a good fit! I still have it, I think. It is actually a good shirt.

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